[ezcol_4fifth]The Masonic Charity Fund of Zambia (MCFZ) was established during the 1960’s. The Charity fund embraces all three Masonic constitutions which are currently active in Zambia, acting as coordinator for the generation and management of charity income and its subsequent disbursement to various Masonic and non Masonic institutions within Zambia. The existence of the MCFZ does not, however, restrict the freedom of any individual Masonic Lodge to choose another particular charity it may wish to support, over and above it’s regular support to the MCFZ.

For administrative convenience, the fund is managed by two separate control centres – the Masonic Charity Fund of Zambia (North) managed by the brethren from Copperbelt Lodges and the Masonic Charity Fund of Zambia (South), managed by brethren from lodges in Lusaka and Southern Provinces.

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The overall aims of the MCFZ are two fold :-
  1. To render assistance and support to widows and dependents of deceased brethren and to offer assistance to distressed brethren and their families in times of severe illness, old age, infirmity etc.
  2. In this regard, the MCFZ assists in the operation and maintenance of Cooper Park, a delightful development of one and two bedroomed semi detached apartments, located adjacent to the Masonic Temple in Kitwe, which was constructed in the mid 1960’s and is intended for use as subsidised accommodation for the aged and infirmed.
  3. The MCFZ has recently become actively involved with the Lusaka Society for the Aged, assisting in the management and development of their existing property at Argyl Gardens. We are pleased to announce that we will shortly be breaking ground in the construction of eighteen one and two bedroom apartments. These will, be constructed utilizing Contractor Finance on a Build Operate and Transfer Basis. The apartments will initially, be available for commercial rental but ultimately will contribute to the subsidised housing stock for the aged and infirmed in Lusaka.
  4. Since its inception, the MCFZ has, wherever possible, maintained regular donations to numerous worthy non Masonic charitable institutions. On average, the Masonic Charity Fund donates in the order of K80 million per annum

The annual Masonic Ball is organised by the Masonic Charity Fund, primarily as a thank you for our long suffering ladies and secondly, in order to raise funds for our programme of assistance to both Masonic and non Masonic Charities. In addition, the MCFZ organises annual Golf and Bowls tournaments, both on the Copperbelt and in Lusaka. In order to make these occasions enjoyable and not tense win or die events, they are generally arranged as family, fun-and-sun filled days.

On behalf of the MCFZ, we would like to thank all our sponsors, well wishers, the Brethren, their families and friends for helping us make these events a success,

Major Recipients are as follows:-
MCFZ (North) MCFZ (South)
St. Joseph’s School for the Deaf The Flyspec Project for Orthopaedic
St. Martin’s Orphanage Surgery in Rural areas
Child Care & Adoption Society Mwami Adventist Hospital
Cheshire Homes, Ndola/Solwezi Mother Theresa Orphanage
Children in Distress (CINDI) Our Ladies Hospice, Kalingalinga
Ilondola Mission Hospital Nyumba Yanga Outreach Project
Mukinge Mission Hospital Zambia Italian Orthopaedic Hospital
St. Margaret’s Hospital Chikinkata Mission Hospital
Mwami Mission Hospital Chilanga Hospice
Mambilima Mission Hospital Little Assisi
Lubwe Mission Hospital Missionaries of Charity
Da Gama Home for the Children
Prison Fellowship of Zambia
Holy Family Home for Children
Mitanda Home for the Aged
Mission Medic Air


It is through the generosity of others, that the less fortunate get an opportunity to better their own lives and fulfil their dreams.

Thank you all.