The Provincial Grand Lodge of Zambia

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Zambia is the Governing Body of the Irish Constitution of Freemasonry in Zambia and, as such, represents the Authority of the Grand Lodge of Ireland.

The Provincial Grand Lodge of Zambia was established in 1975 – our first Provincial Grand Master being Rt. Wor. Bro. Frank R. Cooke, a resident of Ndola and member of Shannondale Lodge No. 816.

Prior to 1975, Zambian Irish Masonry was administered by Rt. Wor. Bro. Cooke, in his capacity as Grand Inspector for Zambia.

In overseas Districts where there is no Provincial Grand Lodge, the Grand Master may, with the consent of Grand Lodge, appoint District Grand Inspectors who shall rank as the highest Masonic Officers in their own District, and therefore, represent the Authority of the Grand Lodge of Ireland.

After Zambian Independence in 1964, all Masonic Constitutions in Zambia decided to form their own Districts and break away from their Rhodesian ties.  In 1966, the Irish Constitution in Zambia consisted of five lodges .  However, Lodge Killarney No. 818 was having great difficulty operating in Livingstone due to lack of support, and the warrant was transferred to Bulawayo – leaving four lodges – Pioneer No. 764 in Chingola – (Founded 1953),  Downpatrick 785 in Lusaka – (Founded 1956), Failte No. 805 in Kitwe – (Founded 1958), and Shannondale No. 816 in Ndola – (Founded 1960).

An invitation was extended to the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Rt. Hon. The Earl of Donoghmore to visit Zambia and, in June 1966, he held two meetings in Lusaka and Kitwe.  The Kitwe meeting was held on Tuesday 25th January 1966.  This was a special communication of the combined Copperbelt Lodges to discuss the breakaway from Rhodesia. The Chair of this meeting was taken by the Wor. Master of Pioneer Lodge, the Senior Warden’s Chair by the Wor. Master of Failte Lodge, and the Junior Wardens Chair by the Wor. Master of Shannondale Lodge, in the person of Wor. Bro. Frank R. Cooke.

Altogether, about 100 brethren attended this meeting.  It was finally agreed that an Inspectorate would be formed with Wor Bro. W.A. Padkin as Grand Inspector.  He, in turn, appointed Wor Bro. Frank R. Cooke as his assistant.  The Most Wor. Grand Master, approved both appointments and a  further meeting was held in 1968 for the Investiture of the Grand Inspector and his Deputy. The Installation meeting was carried out by Rt. Wor. Bro Sydney Smallwood, Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Rhodesia.

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    Rt. Wor. Bro. Padkin remained in Zambia until 1970 and, on his departure, recommended Wor. Bro. Frank R. Cooke as his successor. Wor. Bro. Cooke nominated Wor. Bro. John Adams as his Assistant and both nominations were approved by the Most Wor. the Grand Master.

    Rt. Wor. Bro. Padkin installed his successor prior to his departure and Rt. Wor. Bro. Cooke subsequently installed his Assistant.

    In January 1975, Zambia Masters Lodge No. 856 was founded and consecrated at the Masonic Temple Ndola. Later, in September 1975, Zambia was honoured with a visit of Rt. Wor. Bro. James O. Harte, Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Ireland.

    The Climax of his visit was the Constitution of the ProvincialGrand Lodge of Zambia and the Installation of Rt. Wor. Bro. Frank R. Cooke as Provincial Grand Master.

    In December 1975, Cashel Lodge No. 863 of Luanshya was Consecrated bringing the total number of Lodges within the Province of Zambia to six.

    In 1981, Rt Wor Bro Cooke decided to retitre as Provincial Grand Master and was  only too pleased to hand over to his Deputy, Rt Wor Bro John Adams who, in turn, appointed as his Deputy Wor. Bro. Ifor Davies. He also requested the Grand Lodge of Ireland to permit him to appoint a a Provincial Assistant Grand Master and, following approval of the request, appointed Wor. Bro. Wyndham Morgans as his Assistant P.G.M.

    Since 1975, there have been seven Provincial Grand Masters.

    The current Officers of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Zambia (I.C.) are :-

    Provincial Grand Master
    Provincial Deputy Grand Master
    Provincial Assistant Grand Master
    Provincial Grand Secretary
    Rt Wor. Bro. David J. McCabe
    Rt Wor Bro Dilip T Desai
    Rt Wor Bro Manhar Patel
    V. Wor. Bro. Simon D. Burgess